Monday, 19 January 2009

Greatness in the simplest thing

A beautiful song comes in the simplest note and melody
Which is so mellow, effortless but yet so captivating
A voice so subtle, soft and gentle, yet so much depth
As the world is drown in sorrow, sunken in shattered pieces
Somewhere out there a song, sang and played in the silence
In a mere moment brings calmness to the aching heart

Monday, 5 January 2009

I found myself in the unknown

As I lay there, my memory drift it's way back 403 days ago

One particular morning I turn my back against the world I know,
Took a step forward, venture into the unknown, breaking insecurity
Faith in one hand, Believe in the other and a heart full of hope;
Along, I drag chains disappointment and heartache,
To search a key to open the chain to unleashed the person I want to be
I was alive yet barely breathing

The unknown pulled me out of the dark; and show me the possibility
Its been year where I stitch my own broken heart, wipe my own tears,
The times where I carry myself up when I break down; disappointed
The unknown, full of possibility, room for all unique individual
The unknown helps me to find strength to be an individual
Stand out, not afraid to say I am different and I am glad that I am

The unknown is like a institution, a rehab for a self discovery; a test
It show me that I am actually stronger and braver than I know
Believing keeps hopes alive, open to possibility gives you opportunity
It gave me time to look back, stood still in all the madness of the world
To discover myself; who I am, what I was able to achieve

In the unknown I met myself
Now I am alive and breathing

"The person you want to be does exist; somewhere on the other side
of hard work and faith and belief.And, beyond the heartache and
fear of what lies ahead." [Lucas Scott- One Tree Hill]

Thursday, 1 January 2009

It can't be

It can't be New Year again...
I am barely done with 2008 yet

As much as I refuse to admit that its 2009
Happy New Year

Goodbye & Hello

As much as I love you really get on my nerves
That 3 years long affair is a hell of a time but time to move on
Goodbye Mr.Xanga and Hello Mr.Blogspot