Monday, 28 September 2009

It was a good day

Yesterday was a good day

I bought my "This Is It" movie ticket for the first night Oct 28th.
Started of the day with getting my ticket, I was the first to buy it at O2 Vue...Can't explain the joy holding the piece of paper. Overjoy...1 more month...can't wait.
The lady was nice enough to let me have the honour to poke through her machine and choose the time I wanted...

I know I said I am not ready...still am not...never will be fully ready to accept it but I can't help it to see the master, creating his art. It's like watching a magic show...Oh boy I can't wait. I bet other than being mesmerized I would be crying like hell. Well it's all worth it. Got to do this alone because I need to put all the sorrow at ease....

As I was looking at books at a charity shop and a book caught my eye. Roald Dahl short stories compile in a hard cover, about 300 pages with fully illustrated images I got to have it, I don't care how am I gonna send all my books home but I got to have it. What a catch, It was only 4.99 pound. I took a long bus ride and I am gonna miss London so much

The day ended with me talking to my 3 favourite people, a soul mate, a Siamese twin and an itch in my ass. I was so energetic, that I could wrestle a grizzly bear so I spend the rest of the night watching West Side Story and a little tune from Michael Jackson....It was indeed a good day!!!

A friend I knew here told me that this year Oct is a new beginning of a new cycle and things will start to change and in our life we change every 5 years cycle. I hope mine is around the corner cause I am waiting for changes. I can't stand to be in a same cycle all the time, it kills me

Did I mention it is autumn now
I love autumn

Saturday, 26 September 2009

I wish...

I am overwhelm by the the clouds shapeless form
Moulding itself to the eyes of its beholder
Creating room for a neverending imagination
As you lay down overlooking the skyline
A great canvas that kept your creativity running wild
I am overwhelm by the rhythm of the clouds
So weightless and carefree it glides
Strolling over the unending skyline gracefully
Overseeing the world from above

I am overwhelm by the clouds changing form
Wind blew hard leaving clouds scattered
And amazingly gathered itself up

I am overwhelm by the clouds changing mood
How its always seems so calm
Could shower down in a toss of a penny

I am overwhelm by the clouds appearance
So light, gentle and fragile as candyfloss
But yet so strong shading the world from the harsh sun
I am overwhelm...

I wish I could be like cloud

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

What would have been

"This Is It" trailer is out, but all I want to do is cry
It's truly magical...everything you would expect and better. ..
This makes me wonder what would have been if MJ is still with us.
I am lost of words again, all the time lately....

And goodbye Patrick Swayze...

What would have Dirty Dancing be without you?
I hate 2009 already...

Friday, 11 September 2009


All I could think of was WHY? WHY? WHY?
Those are the times where you loss all words
Today, eight years later I still could not find words to describe
It still feels like yesterday as the world watch helplessly
As it came crumbling down, and that moment everything change
The air was just filled with so much grieve, anger and confusion
Those are the time where you don't know what to feel

I still wonder what happen on that day
How could there be so much hatred in a person to began with?
I still wonder what happen on that day
Where did people find love, courage and the will to fight through it?
I still wonder what happen on that day
What that seems to have torn us apart, brought us together

What breaks us makes us stronger...

In memory to those who lost their life in 9/11 attack

And for those who are still fighting for peace

God Bless

Friday, 4 September 2009


Squealin in boredom
Running my nails through the wall bored...
Not working drives me into insanity
I need to work....