Sunday, 8 March 2009

Good Morning Sunshine

I was woken up by a call from home
and there outside the sky were painted blue,
The sun peek through the white of my curtain
I woke up feeling warm and cozy, it felt good
Have a cup of tea, and a humble slice of bread
A sunday morning have never felt so good.

As I sat there browsing throught the internet
I couldn't get my sight away from the window
A piece of canvas that seems grey, all the time
Today, was painted with colour from a rainbow
and the smell of sunday roast from the next door
Oh, what a beautifull sunday was it

It felt so wrong not to go out in the sun
As I thought so, the wireless die upon me
And there I was, without excuse not to go out
Got my big ass out, have a walk under the sunlight
The sign said, turn right and straight ahead
I walk, and walk and more walking it was
And finally as I been walking for miles and miles
I saw the sign and it was one hell of a walk,
surprisingly I reach without one wrong turn

Columbia Flower Market sign it was I saw
and there on a beautifull sunny sunday noon,
I stood among the colours of my watercolour
It was a beautifull sight, comfort to the eyes
The air was filled with sweetness from the flower
The strong, bold smell from freshly brewed coffee
In my hands I hold onto a bag, 20 buds of tulips
As I was walking home the weather began to change
Dark clouds gathered and rain was pouring
I walked my long way home in the pouring rain
And in the corner of my lips was a big smile...
Oh how unpredictable was London's weather!!

I was dripping wet when I was walking through the door
I was greeted by fellow friend in the warm of our flat
We all sat down in our humble little kitchen, all wet
Have a cup of hot tea, a slice of cake and a good laugh
And ended that one beautiful sunny sunday
With a call across the world from a place called home

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Mood for a little sunshine

That one fine day, dark clouds gathers
and the air smells of sorrow and despair
The wind sang the songs of the lost souls
Rough wind brushes harshly over my cheek
Pushes me again to the edge of the cliff
Buckets of tears pouring down from above
I could not express my mood better than the weather

That same day, the dark clouds faded
and the air began to smell of sweetness
The wind began to whisper a sweet lullaby
The cold breeze brush gently over my cheek
At the edge I saw the rainbow across the sky
The cold gently breeze felt so very warm
The skyline brighten up, and so was my sorrow heart

I am in the mood for a little sunshine