Tuesday, 3 February 2009

I just flush Biology down the drain

1 + 2 = 3
Snow + water = ICE!!!

Why on earth did I not thought of that!! (no wonder almost fail biology)
Apparently when snow melt it turn wet, slippery icy hard rock

That is what it's like all around London today.
As I mumble to myself not to fall on my ass at 7 am on the street
They I was, flat on my ass in the middle of the street...OUCH!!!
The first thing I did was laugh and pretend nothing happen.

(Mumble to myself)
I'm cool...I'm cool...just walk like nothing happen

I am a hopeless case
I can't roller blade, don't even think of ice skating at all,
I have no balance...not at all...NONE

With the way and speed I walk on the street today
I could just made front page headline on The London Paper...
With the big, gigantic bold headline


Monday, 2 February 2009

Candy Floss & Everything White

The Year started off slow, wet, cold, boring and dreadful
But not long after that everything seems to get back on the right track
I am slowly having more shift, I do not need to feed on breadcrumbs
I am a little more carefree, means I feel much happier that I ever was

Mostly cause it snow!! I repeat myself ....IT SNOW!!!

Heavy white shower have not fall upon Londoner for the past 18 years
At least not how it was this time, thick, heavy white shower

I was too thrill, excited, cold to death, did I mention it was -2 Celsius
I stay up all night watching Criminal Minds and snowflakes falling
Snowflakes look exactly how we picture, little delicate star falling

It felt wonderful, magical, hold load of I-dunno-how-to-explain,
As 3 adult still in denial the fact that they are now no longer k
Gather around, watch delicate snowflakes fall on our palm,
we all felt like kids all over again

The 3 stooges plan to torture themselves, marching in dreadful cold,
We ended up in Hyde Park, it did not look like how I remember it was,
It was now a gigantic piece of white candy floss, that have no end
What better to start by rounds of brutal snow fight
Between each other and strangers along the ways
Yeah...I was brutally attack, gosh I was all cover in snow

I met someone special today, his name is Mark,

Mark's complexion compliment the white snow, tall, little overweight
We spend quality time together, bonded till it was time to say bye
How Romantic!!. I love Mark. We Love Mark, I am gonna miss Mark...

This is Mark!!

I did what I always want to do...roll on snow. I did it...Yeah!!
I now have numb toes, finger...bloody tired and my faces feels like sunburn...Ouch